Fried Glazed Donuts

When my Nona came to this country, she had very little, but giving her family treats was important to her.   One "dessert" was stale dry bread torn into pieces and put in bowls along with handfuls of walnuts from their tree.  Warm milk sweetened with sugar was poured over and tossed.  She couldn't afford the fresh pastries that were so different from her Italian goodies, so she bought day old donuts for special occasions and fried them.  Our local hospital coffee shop (now long gone) would throw the stale glazed donuts on their griddle and they were a big seller. It's the only way my family eats glazed donuts.  Unless of course it's the one I consume on the ride home from the store because I'm a pig.

Heat a non-stick pan med-high to high, then smear with the butter stick, or add more if you'd like.  Throw in the glazed donut. 

It will sizzle and the glaze will bubble and start to melt.

Smash that baby down a little with the spatula so it's all touching the pan.
Check the bottom and as soon as it starts to brown, flip it over.  Swirl it in the melting glaze so you don't lose any. 
Let it cool.  We always use a knife to cut it - I get it really crispy.  But if not, it makes it back to the pan for a little more high heat.
Just make sure to pick donuts that have a lot of glaze.  If there is only a little on the bottom side, fry the top side first.

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Rose Mary said...

I just found your recipe blog re fried donuts. My parents (now gone) took package cinnamon rolls, cut the top from the bottom. Spread butter on the middle cut side & fry until browned. Then quickly flip for a short fry so the topping didn't melt away. Stack back together & serve. Have not had those for a very long time!