Rootin' Tootin' Bean Salad

This is one of the best bean salads!  Make it the day before and toss it a few times to marinate.
Chop -
You can increase these to your taste-
I usually use more than 1 cup

1 cup chopped celery
1 cup chopped onions
1 cup diced red bell pepper - must be red - no green

Rinse in colander and drain well -
1 can black beans
1 can garbanzo beans
1 can navy beans
1 can black eyed peas
1 can lima beans

To make sure the dressing doesn't watered down, I usually lay the ingredients on a large cotton or linen towel to dry a bit, then fold the towel and drop them all in the bowl.

Dressing -
1/3 cup cider vinegar
1/3 cup red wine vinegar (I use all red wine instead of cider)
1/3  - 1/2 cup sugar  (I use 1/2 cup)
1 tsp salt
1/2 cup canola oil

Blend above with a stick blender or whisk until oil is incorporated, and pour over beans/veggies.  Toss gently, cover, refrigerate.  Toss or stir several times during marinating.  Best after at least 12 hours so make the night before.


Carla said...

I'm going to try this! It sound wonderful. Thanks for the recipe.

Siobhan said...

AGH! I tried leaving a comment on your Samplers & Santas blog but the little white comment box wouldn't come up no matter how many times I refreshed the page. Must be a blogger hiccup. Beautiful stitching finish-finishes!

Thanks for the recipe! My SIL makes a similar bean dip but adds corn to it, and I think cilantro? She made it one year when we all rented a beach house and it took every ounce of willpower I had to not stand there and just eat the entire bowl. YUM-O!

C. M. Designs said...

Your bean salad sounds delicious.. Adding corn sounds good too. I will have to make this someday.
Thanks for sharing your recipe.

Ronda Tedder said...

This sounds delicious!!